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Exposure began as fledgling video and photographic service provider by the name Visual Art Line, a monicker formed from its owner’s nickname, Val.

Val , Percival B. Porras in full has partnered with Grace H. Salazar, establishing what is now Exposure Photo and Video or simply, Exposure.

Exposure’s firdt foray into multimedia productions was in mid-1990s, when it doubled-teamed with San Pablo City’s veteran communications practitioners that pioneered the City’s first-ever cable television, Beyond Manila Television (BMTV). As creative partners, Exposure managed BMTV’s overall technical directions, providing needed boost in competing with Manila-centric television shows with what it could afford against state-of –the-art productions that big networks naturally pride over. We the local news and local talk shows, belying a crude setup behind the

snappy BMTV productions, truly a pioneer in San Pablo, Laguna’s vibrant and progressive City of Seven Lakes. BMTV had to fold up, sadly, when we were already the talk of the town, so to speak, with dwindling revenues that are the life of the broadcast industry. BMTV’s closure, however, provided Exposure with the needed impetus to explore more productions, this time in the realm of video documentaries. In partnership with its Creative Consultant, Exposure was commissioned to do a motivational-instructional video on Plant Quarantine Treatmets for the Korean Philippuine quarantine program with the Plant Quarantine Service Bureau of Plant Industry. That was to be the first of the Company’s exposure to video productions, providing backup services to the Creative Director’s various projects that require our services. The other involved video documentary on Fabricated Houses for Various Purposes for the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, UP Los Banos, College, Laguna. Exposure’s filmography likewise includes video and photographic services on various projectswith the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Environment and Natural Resources Accounting Project, other government organizations and local government units (LGUs). Ongoing work involves providing video and photographic productions for San Pablo City’s annual search for Mutya and Lakan of San Pablo City, plus other projects requiring our

expertise. Then there are other projects, commissioned by the Laguna LGU’s for the past nine years now for Laguna’s various cultural and development projects, such as the annual La Laguna Festival and Palarong Pambansa. We did – and still do – commercial services for local politician, for example, partnership projects with our Creative Director as campaign strategist for local politicians. We also provide in – house services for the world-famous Villa Escudero, another ongoing project that Exposure has engaged in as one of the country’s most sought-after wedding photographers.

An official ong-standing member of Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP) and Wedding and Portrait Photographers of Calabarzon (WPPC), Exposure has gained considerable respect from peers and clients alike with its multi-awarded works, Such accolades, among the many it earned throug years of creative photography include, among other accolades:

• 2nd Place – Bridal March Category, WPPP, 2017

• WPPC Photographer of the year, 2015

• 3rd Place – Photojournalism, WPPP, 2015

• 1st Place – Wedding March Category, WPPP, 2015

We believe, with all candor, that our success and continuing demand for our work are felt and seen through our creative handling of the camera lens and apparatus... and our fastidious attention to details,helped in large measure by our innate creativity and those of our loyal and committed staff. The beauty we likewise believe, while in the eye of the beholder, is in the details.. and our passionate commitment to give justice to pictures, stll and moving, of life encapsulated therein. Hence, life that throbs in our portraits, whether they are of blushing bride or proud groom, or the adolescent abondon of a debutante. Or of a country’s cause, of a community of every man, woman

and child. Our increasing years in the business have earned for us and our formidable team valuable lessons on keeping close to heart and soul of our various clients, from bride and groom to everyone advocating a cause. We pride ourselves with our state-of-the-art technology and creativity as we bring out the best for your every event or project, providing unique and innovative ways of capturing and portraying special moments.. complementing the client’s cause. All this at very reasonable and competetive production costs. We can further enhance your special occassion with our aerial photo and video services performed by our highly trained and experienced drone operators, and underwater shooting crew. We assure you of quality production not only because of our use of industry-standard digital video but because we and our creative partners in the business are both practitioners and mentors in the industry.

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